It’s been nearly eight months since I posted a blog.

Can you believe it?

I’ve thought about and wanted to write every week. Heck, I’m a product of  Mizzou’s J-School. Writing’s in my blood!

Even though my busy work and family lives have precluded regular blogging, there is good news: I’m still running.

Not as much as I’d like. But running, nonetheless.

One of my recent jaunts, Community Services League’s Circle the Square 5K on and around the historic Independence Square, made something abundantly clear: I need to have a race on the calendar, something I’m training for, to keep running at the top of my priority list. I finished the 5k with no problem but was well off my PR because of the hillier-than-usual route and my lack of readiness.

So, after doing a slow-but-steady seven miles Sunday on the Manhattan Beach Wood Chip Trail during my layover at LAX, I made a promise to myself: I’ll have a future race on the calendar in the next week and a plan in place to train for it.

Kate and I have talked for years about tackling Kansas City’s venerated Hospital Hill Half Marathon, which in 2014 is on June 7. And if not it, then something.

Keep your eyes on Kansas City Runner in the days ahead for more information on my next race. And in the meantime, check out its updated links.

I’ve written before that running is my ballast. I look forward to returning to the road and posting more regularly.

Happy running!

Kansas City Runner

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Kansas City Runner blogs on cool places to run, walk and cycle in Kansas City and beyond.
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8 Responses to I A-M S-T-I-L-L R-U-N-N-I-N-G

  1. Betty Snapp says:

    ATABOY!! Keep in shape. Glad to know you are still keeping your running shoes warmed up and ready to go. Has it really been 8 months since you posted. Gee, that is too long! Love MOM

  2. s says:

    not a Kansas City runner, but I stumbled across your list of facts (http://www.runsometimes.com/blog/?page_id=715) and regularly go to it for inspiration. I am particularly interested if you have more stats to close in the gaps for these…

    2:59:59 – Top 2% of Marathoners 2006
    3:29:59 – Top 10.7% of Marathoners 2006
    3:59:59 – Top 30.4% of Marathoners 2006 or can you link a source for these?

  3. AM~Erica Says So says:

    WOO HOO!!! Keep on going!!! I know you will…and you’ll find your race(s). No matter…keep…on…going…

  4. James Lyen says:

    Good for you!


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