Happy Father’s Day

It’s been three months since my last post. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to blog, nor is it because I haven’t been running.

I simply haven’t had time to write.

Yet even as the Beem schedule has gotten busier with two kids in high school — one of whom will be a senior next year — and another entering his last year of elementary school, running remains a constant. Hitting the road, whether on my own or with Kate and the kids, is my ballast.

Today’s jaunt exemplified running’s equilibrium in my life. Not sure of our path, Kate and I set out to log four miles before the day’s heat set in. We altered our typical South Main Street course by several blocks, and the resulting route was more challenging and satisfying, with ups and downs that pushed and rewarded us.

Speaking of rewards, the Independence YMCA’s closing — which initially seemed to deliver a debilitating loss — has ultimately led to a positive alternative. Many former Independence Y members — including the Beems — have canceled their YMCA of Greater Kansas City memberships and chosen other, less expensive local options, including Planet Fitness and 24-Hour Fitness.

The Beems have opted for an annual family membership at the City of Independence’s Roger T. Sermon Community Center at 201 N. Dodgion Ave. We paid $89/month at the Independence Y, but the Sermon Center costs just $90/year. Although we’ve lost the benefit of a year-round swimming pool, we can access a superior indoor swimming facility at the Independence School District’s Henley Aquatic Center at Jim Bridger Middle School and enjoy the City of Independence’s Adventure Oasis in the warm months.

Another precedent is Kate’s and my decision to register for our first destination race. We’ll run the Big Sur Half Marathon on November 17 in Monterey, CA.

We’re really looking forward to it. In addition to providing a good goal toward which to train, it will afford us several days to explore Monterey, Carmel and surrounding California seaside communities.

What fun and challenging routes are you running these days? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Happy running!

Kansas City Runner

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Kansas City Runner blogs on cool places to run, walk and cycle in Kansas City and beyond.
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3 Responses to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Dolores Lara says:

    You will love Monterey and Carmel! I just ran the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon last May. It was a challenging and beautiful course as well. If you make it back to California, give that one a try. Good luck and have fun!

  2. h ray morrison says:

    Matt and Kate, a join to read your e-mail about your runs – what a joy for all of your family.  Your mention of Big Sur nd Carmel area brought back wonderful memories when we were there with dear friends many years ago.  You will enjoy!!!. 

       Good luck with your runs and your wins.  Blessings, Lois M.


  3. Sarah Coats says:

    Glad you are still running. I have heard great things about the Big Sur Marathon! Destination races are a great way to explore and see cities, as well as run in areas nor normally open to pedestrians!

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