It’s good to be back

GRAYTON BEACH, FLA. — It’s good to be back in this 1960s-era Florida fishing village.

The kids on Grayton Beach the day we arrived.

The kids on Grayton Beach the day we arrived.

I love its laid-back feel. The people are friendly, the streets are uncrowded and the schedule is … well … there isn’t one.

And we get to run. Every day.

So far, the Beem family has notched runs on both mornings here. And on the way back from dinner Monday, Maggie said she wanted to continue our daily ritual until Saturday, the day we leave.

I’m down with that.

Above all else, the daily family runs are enjoyable because we’re together. Tom paced us Sunday morning on a bicycle, and Maggie joined him today. They streaked ahead before retracing their tire paths, never wanting to get too far in front of the pack.

The Beem clan before this year's inaugural Grayton Beach run.

The Beem clan before this year’s inaugural Grayton Beach run.

They’re also fun because of their unpredictability. Joe flashed forward and finished the first three miles Sunday nearly ten minutes ahead of the rest of us, but Maggie and Tom stayed with me on their bikes today over the entire six-mile route.

Most of all, though, our family runs are fun because they’re just the five of us. Together. Away from the rest of the world.

I thought about how special these days are this morning as we rounded the corner from Lydia onto Defuniak and headed toward Magnolia. Joe has little more than a year left before college, and Maggie is only two years behind him.  After she jumps the nest, it’ll just be Kate, Tom and me for the ensuing five years.

Joe and I planning our first day's run. He smoked me.

Joe and I planning our first day’s run. He smoked me.

Call me old and sappy — but it’s true. Talk about life passing by in the blink of an eye.

This week, though, I’m not thinking about that. Instead, I’m focusing on keeping up with my kids.

And soaking up every ounce of our family time together during our days apart.

What are you up to these days?

Happy running!

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8 Responses to It’s good to be back

  1. Cindy says:

    That is so sweet! I too, am getting sappy.

  2. John and Judy Schofield says:

    Really enjoyed this one; Glad you are enjoying your stay…Nanny


  3. Arline Sasser says:

    Is this beach on the east or west coast? Did not have any luck finding it in the Atlas. I am in Big Pine Key–almost to Key West and wondered how close you are to it. It is so great that all of you can enjoying running together. Keeps you slim and healthy.

    • It is on the Gulf of Mexico about 15 miles east of Destin. It’s on a stretch called 30A and near the towns of Seagrove, Seaside and Watercolor. Hope you’r enjoying Key West — it’s beautiful down there!

  4. Awww, and it is gone in the blink of an eye…realizing that all too much lately! Great blog. So glad you all are having a good time. Jealous!

  5. Thanks, Melissa! Miss everybody in the ‘hood!

  6. h ray morrison says:

     I am so happy for all of you – these are memories that all of you will remember. 

         Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.  Lois M.


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