Proud of my kids

Sorry I’m late.

I promised a post three Sundays ago after completing the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon with Maggie and Kate. Our schedule went bonkers that afternoon, and this is the first time since then I’ve had time to write.

We had a great time and finished strong in last month's Gobbler Grind Half Marathon, which we ran the Sunday before Thanksgiving in Overland Park, KS.

We had a great time and finished strong in last month’s Gobbler Grind Half Marathon.

The half marathon, Maggie’s first, was an experience I’ll never forget. We took it easy and enjoyed the course — and each of its Porta Potties — and finished in 2:38.

During the race, we had a lively and far-ranging conversation; you can cover a lot in two and half hours. Heck, we even passed two William Chrisman High School teachers, one of which Maggie has for home room.

Kate and I have now done 13.1-milers with Maggie and Tom. We hope to run the cycle and do a half marathon in the next year or two with Joe.

Speaking of our oldest child, I have to pat Joe on the back. Last month, he received the Independence School District McCoy Medal.

Joe with Alexis Reese, a buddy since kingergarten at Bryant Elementary School, after receiving the Independence School District's McCoy Medal.

Joe and Alexis Reese, buddies since kindergarten, were two of three Bryant Elementary School students to receive the McCoy Medal.

Joe was one of 134 students from the district’s three high schools to receive the medal, which is awarded to the top 50 students in each junior class. Not sure where the math broke down this year, but you get the point.

We’re proud of Joe, for the whom the medal was an academic affirmation. He recently joined cousin John Hennessy on the William Chrisman High School Scholar Bowl team and is planning several college visits in early 2013.

I wouldn’t be a decent dad if I didn’t give a shout out to Tom. Our 10-year-old, the youngest of the Beem brood, loves music, reading, sports, math — and now the stage.

Tom launched his acting career last month in Truman High School’s performance of “The King and I.” Bryant Elementary School Music Teacher Laura Kilpatrick, who helps each year with Truman’s musical production, always invites Bryant fourth graders to try out for supporting roles.

Tom, pictured here with the king and Anna, did a great job last month in Truman High School's four performances of "The King and I."

Tom, pictured here with the king and Anna, did a great job last month in Truman High School’s four performances of “The King and I.”

Tom was fortunate enough to make this year’s cut and had the time of his life … though I must admit the show became a bit routine by the third night. Tom, on the other hand, was sad after it ended and said he’d miss practicing and performing with his buddies.

Who knows what the future will hold for the Beem bambinos. All I know for sure is how proud I am of them for their unique accomplishments.

Speaking of achievements, where are your running paths taking you? Kate and I did an hour of Zumba each of the last two Saturday mornings at the YMCA, my first foray into the popular Latin American dance fitness program. And after last week’s workout, we enjoyed a long run in balmy Independence.

What are your running plans this winter? Tell us about your races and routes.

Happy running!

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3 Responses to Proud of my kids

  1. h ray morrison says:

    Matt and Kate, I am so happy for you and your wonderful family – so very nice that you can do these things together. Congrats to Joe for his award and to Tom for his acting debut. Keep up the togetherness. Bless all of you, Lois M.


  2. Thank you for your thougthful reply, Lois. I appreciate your kind words and MISS SEEING YOU AT CHURCH! We hope you have a happy holiday with your family.

  3. h ray morrison says:

    This is so touching I wanted to share. Lois M.

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