My new goal

As I’ve shared in recent posts — sporadic as they’ve been — I’ve had trouble logging miles since my last long race in April.

My work schedule is partly to blame. It’s also been hot in Kansas City, where daytime highs this summer have regularly topped 100 degrees.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my occasional weekend and weeknight runs. They’re great.  

I just need more of them.

In recent months, I’ve come to accept the fact that I run most when I’m working toward a specific objective. It’s how I’m wired.

What I need is a new goal.

So today — to the few who read this blog — I’m declaring my new mark. I’ll run the Gobbler Grind Half Marathon on November 18 in Kansas City. (And if I’m lucky, one or more of my family members will run it with me.)

You can learn more about the Gobbler Grind here. I’ve run it the last two years, and Kate joined me in 2011 for her half marathon debut.

I’ll chart my training plan tomorrow at And before the weekend’s over, I’ll block the preparatory runs in my calendar so nothing gets in their way.

I’m eager to begin training for my new race. I look forward to keeping you up to date in future posts.

What races are you running this fall? Let us know.

Happy running!

Kansas City Runner

About Kansas City Runner

Kansas City Runner blogs on cool places to run, walk and cycle in Kansas City and beyond.
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