Getting back in the groove

My travel schedule’s made it tough to run consistently since completing my first marathon in April, but I’m finally getting back in the groove.

Kate and I enjoyed several runs at dusk last month. The spring evenings were cool and breezy, perfect for our neighborhood jaunts.

Then, during a May business trip, I discovered a great Arkansas trail. I was staying in Springdale and — after Googling for an area running route — stumbled onto the Lake Fayetteville Trail.

Just 10 minutes from where I was staying, the Lake Fayetteville Trail offers 4.3 miles of paved and another 1.8 miles of unimproved trail connecting the paved trail’s ends. The 6.1-mile loop crosses the Lake Fayetteville Dam, snakes up and down hills and wanders through meadows and woods.

I ran the trail two consecutive nights. On the first, I followed 3.5 miles of the paved trail out and back. The next evening, I circled the lake on the paved and unimproved trails, adding another 6.1 miles to the week’s running log.

Several weeks later, I discovered another great running route in Fort Smith, AR. The Fort Smith Historic Site, an official National Park Service stop, offers a great running loop. It flows into the Fort Smith River Park, creating a total  circuit of about two miles.

Since Memorial Day, I’ve been at the BSA National Annual Meeting at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando. With the closest running trail 20 miles away, I’ve opted to log 15 miles during several runs on the 1.13-mile road circling the property and another six in its well-equipped fitness center. Not exciting … but better than not running at all.

I’m trying to decide which half marathon to run next. I’ll share details here, so stay tuned.

I hope your early summer running’s going well. Tell us about it by responding to this post.

Happy running!

Kansas City Runner

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Kansas City Runner blogs on cool places to run, walk and cycle in Kansas City and beyond.
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2 Responses to Getting back in the groove

  1. I’m getting back into running so I appreciate the posts! With the birth of our girl Gabriella, time is short and my favored sport of cycling takes me away too long. So running it is. It is hot and humid here in Florida, so evenings are the best, but I take it when I can.

    I had a recent run on the Old Butts Trail and other sections at Quantico Marine Corps Base in VA. It rained during the run but the canopy shielded me from 70% of the rain. It was picturesque compared to my standard Florida trails and pavement.

  2. Thanks for sharing information on your runs, Alan! Yeah, it was extremely hot last week in Florida. I did one run at 7 a.m., and the humidity had already made it suffocatingly hot. I did the next at dusk, and it was a bit better — but not much. If you’re ever back in Independence, let me know and we’ll go on a run together. There are some great routes of all distances in and around the Square, and the Little Blue Trail is now about 21 miles long.

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