The running in Kansas City has never been better

It’s hard to believe it’s February 5. I last posted on December 31!

It’s not that I haven’t been running. Quite the contrary.

I’m training for my first 26.2-miler. The Oz Marathon ( is on April 21 in Olathe, Kan.

I really like my training plan ( I also have a new training buddy.

That’s right. Tom, our 9-year-old, is training for his first long race.

Tom and I enjoyed several runs over the holidays with balmy weather in Kansas City.

The Rock the Parkway Half Marathon ( is on April 14 in Kansas City. My training plan’s long run the week before the marathon is 12 miles, so Kate and I decided to sign up for the scenic 13.1-miler.

When Tom heard us talking over the holidays about how much we like the course, he asked if he could run the race with us. “Do you think I can do it?”

I’d recently read a “Runner’s World” article by a father whose 9-year-old son ran a half marathon with him. It described the fun they had training for and running the race.

“I think you’ll do great,” I answered. “And I’d love it!”

Joe and Maggie were initially going to join Tom, Kate and me for the 13.1-miler. But their busy teenage lives bested their ambition, and they’ll do the 5k instead.

January was a great training month. With daytime temperatures between 35 and 60, the weather in Kansas City has been perfect for running.

Tom, sitting here with Sally, enjoys the math associated with running.

We’ve plotted an array of courses starting and ending at our house. Tom, who loves to make sense of the world through numbers, has a blast mapping training routes on gmap-pedometer ( and tracking our distance on the road with my Garmin Forerunner 110.

So far, he’s been able to complete every training run prescribed in his training plan, which we created at “Runner’s World’s” SmartCoach( What’s more, we’ve having a blast.

Today’s long run is sure to be enjoyable. We’ll have M.U.’s resounding defeat of K.U. last night to reflect on and Superbowl XLVI to look forward to.

We’ll do the first six miles at a 12:10 pace, and I’ll do another seven on my own. It’ll be fun to do the first six miles together, and increasing my speed over the last seven miles to notch an average pace of 9:58 for the entire run will push me.

I hope your winter running’s going well. Post a reply and let Kansas City Runner’s followers know what you’re up to.

Happy running!

Kansas City Runner

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Kansas City Runner blogs on cool places to run, walk and cycle in Kansas City and beyond.
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3 Responses to The running in Kansas City has never been better

  1. Kent A says:

    From another prospective Olathe 2012 runner, I just wanted to say best of luck to you and your son.

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