One more LSD

Kate and I will do our last long training run tomorrow in preparation for next Sunday’s Gobbler Grind Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k (

Our challenge isn’t finishing the 11-mile LSD (long slow distance) run. It’s finding time to squeeze it in.

Sundays in the Beem family are anything but a day of rest. There’s the usual commotion getting out the door and to church on time (which often sparks a good family squabble en route). Afternoons usually involve a soccer or basketball game or two, and evenings include more trips to church shuttling kids to band, choir and youth group.

Assuming we’re able to carve out a few hours tomorrow, I think we’ll run the following route (, which resembles the mostly flat but also hilly Gobbler Grind course. I ran the half marathon last year and was surprised how much the route’s pair of long, gradual hills took out of me.

Are you running next Sunday’s Gobbler Grind? If not, what races in the next six months are you training for?

Leave a comment by clicking the button below. Let us know what’s coming up on your race calendar.

Happy running!

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2 Responses to One more LSD

  1. Sarah Coats says:

    I will be training for the rock the parkway half for April. Before that race I plan to do a couple of 5k’s. The Eagle Egg in Lees Summit in March and the Diva Dash in Leawood.

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