A pair of out-of-town runs for the scrapbook

Because my job requires me to be where the organizations I’m working with are, I travel a fair amount.

I dread being away from my family but vowed several years ago when I reclaimed running that I wouldn’t let time away keep me from staying fit.

My commitment required a travel bag large enough to hold my running gear. I splurged for one and, ever since, have kept it at the ready for weeks on the road.

Like the one that just ended.

I spent Monday and Tuesday in Greenwich, CT. The Boy Scout council I’m working with there asked if I’d like to trade my hotel room for a bunk in its new camp lodge, and I jumped at the offer.

Camp Ernest Thompson Seton’s Neilsen Lodge is anything but primitive. I stayed in the two-bedroom Campmaster’s Quarters on the second floor, which boasts a full kitchen, dining room, living room and balcony with a front-row view of Lake Hillegas.

The Neilsen Lodge at Camp Ernest Thompson Seton

As nice as the lodge is, though, it wasn’t the digs that sparked my interest. The reservation’s running trail did.

The Camp Seton Yellow Trail heading toward the Merritt Parkway underpass

The Camp Ernest Thompson Seton Yellow Trail, which I blogged about earlier this week, begins at the lodge. It crosses the lake, snakes under the Merritt Parkway and passes by campsites and through woods as it circles the eastern portion of the reservation and returns to the lodge after a quick loop around the lake.

Looking across Lake Hillegas from a footbridge at Camp Ernest Thompson Seton

Anticipating the picturesque run each month will make time away from family a little more bearable. Unfortunately for others, the reservation is private property, so it will be difficult to run if you aren’t a council or visiting Scouter.

I packed my muddy running shoes and wet socks and, after a second day of work in Greenwich, headed for the airport and Indianapolis. Another great run was awaiting there on the Indianapolis Canal Walk (http://discovercanal.com/userctl.cfm?PageContentTypeID=3&PageContentID=37).

There’s no question where to stay if you want to run the canal. It’s Marriott’s Residence Inn Indianapolis Downtown on the Canal (http://marriott.com/hotels/travel/indri-residence-inn-indianapolis-downtown-on-the-canal/), whose back door literally dumps you onto the walk.

Looking north from a footbridge over the Indianapolis Canal Walk

I made time Wednesday for a five-mile run on the canal. With all there is to see along the 1.5-mile walk — including the Indiana State Museum (http://indianamuseum.org), Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art (http://eiteljorg.org) and Indianapolis Zoo (http://indianapoliszoo.com) — it’s at the top of the Beem Family’s list of places to visit.

Looking south from a footbridge over the Indianapolis Canal Walk

Yet as fun as it was to run two new routes in other places, it was even better to return home to my family. I did a familiar five-mile loop yesterday in the hood and will knock off six today — hopefully with another Beem or two.

Happy running!

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