Take time to celebrate

It seems like more than a week has passed since Kate and I tackled the Second Annual Rock the Parkway (www.rocktheparkway.com).

Since then, we’ve enjoyed Cub Scout Pack 228’s (www.pack228.wordpress.com) Blue and Gold Banquet with Tom, learned about Maggie’s fun weekend with her church youth group at the 2011 Young Christian’s Weekend (http://www.bransonsilverdollarcity.com/group-travel/ycw.aspx) and watched three exciting games of Joe’s high school summer soccer team (http://schools.indep.k12.mo.us/contentm/easy_pages/easy_page_view.php?sid=16&page_id=125).

With three kids involved in a multitude of activities, there’s little time to pause and celebrate important milestones. The completion of last Saturday’s race was a big achievement for Kate and me, though, so we made time for an adults-only evening last night to toast our accomplishment.

Kate tackled her first 10k, a distance I’ve never raced, and I ran the half marathon. We both set PRs.

You can read more about the similarities between running and fundraising at http://www.examiner.net/opinions/opinions_columnists/x675830771/Beem-Racing-for-fun-and-for-funding. I reflected on the relationship in today’s Power of Philanthropy, an occasional column I write for The Examiner (www.examiner.net).

Like most running addicts, I’m already looking ahead to my next race. What’s certain is that I’ll run the full 26.2 in the October 15 Kansas City Marathon (http://www.waddellandreedkansascitymarathon.org/).

To prepare for my first marathon, I’m considering several training races between now and then: Running with the Cows on May 14 (http://www.runningwiththecows.com/), the June 4 Hospital Hill Run (http://www.hospitalhillrun.com/), the L.I.N.K. Run on June 11 (http://www4.indep.k12.mo.us/link5k/) and the September 17 Kansas City Zoo Run (http://www.kansascityzoorun.org/).

Have you run any of the races listed above? If so, how were they? It’s certain our crazy family schedule will preclude my running them all, so let me know other races you’ve enjoyed in recent years by posting a comment here.

In the meantime, go outside and run! It’s the perfect weekend to hit the pavement in Kansas City.

Happy running!

Kansas City Runner

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Kansas City Runner blogs on cool places to run, walk and cycle in Kansas City and beyond.
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