Podcast made treadmill bearable

I did six miles on the treadmill Saturday at my local  YMCA.

I’m not bashful, and I’ll lay my feelings on the table: I love the YMCA, but I detest treadmills.

It snowed a foot last week in Kansas City. While the skies have been dry since then, the temperatures have huddled in the single digits and made street runs nearly impossible.

Nonetheless, training as I am for half and full marathons, I felt compelled last weekend to get in a decent mid-distance run. So to the treadmills I took.

And guess what? It was a downright enjoyable experience. Not because the artificial road suddenly got more exciting, but because I found a new groove.

In fact, the groove was a podcast. I downloaded it from the Runners Round Table, which you can find at http://runnersroundtablepodcast.blogspot.com/.

Last week’s podcast was relevant, motivating and inspiring. It was EXACTLY what I needed on February 5 to reinforce my conviction and keep me running toward my half- and full-marathon goals.

The podcast focused on mid-winter motivation. How much more relevant could a podcast be for a devoted man of the pavement?

One panelist talked about the importance of proper clothing — no matter the temperature — in successful outdoor runs. Another discussed her focus on base miles, not runs tied to specific split times, when the weather is unpredictable. And a third discussed smart stocking cap, underwear and shoe strategies for winter running.

As I finished my run, the podcast motivated me to keep on running — whether inside or on the concrete. And with temperatures in the 50s forecast for Kansas City’s upcoming weekend, I’m likely to be seen pounding out the miles in the melting snow, all the better because of the Runners Round Table podcast.

Check out the Runners Round Table for  yourself.

Happy running!

Kansas City Runner

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Kansas City Runner blogs on cool places to run, walk and cycle in Kansas City and beyond.
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